Altar Workers
Craig & April Nakashima

Let us then approach the throne of grace
with confidence, so that we may receive
mercy and find grace to help us in our
time of need.

Hebrew 4:16

  • We value a sincere and honest commitment to serve God.
  • We value spiritual guidance prior to doing Gods work.
  • We value a continuous desire to seek, know and understand Gods word and will.
  • We value and desire to grow and mature in our individual walk with Christ.
  • We value the building and strengthening of our faith in the power of prayer together.
To meet the needs of all who come forward for prayer, by allowing God to do His work through us.
We promise to keep all prayers private and confidential. This is between you and God.
Joel & Lydia Tinoco
          This ministry is a blessing to all those who need help during difficult times. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, or a Thanksgiving dinner, this ministry fills those needs!
If you have a heart for this ministry, please contact: Brother Joel & Sister Lydia Tinoco or the church office.  God bless you and your loved ones.
Prayer Warriors
Virginia Torres & Cecilia Romero
To have a prayer Ministry at Living Word that meets the needs of our church family for immediate prayer or long term prayer.

“Prayer changes things”
We have two teams at Living Word. The Prayer chain for immediate needs and intercessors for long term or continual prayer requests.

In touch cards
Request received by church office.
Special needs communicated by the pastors.

Pray earnestly
Pray consistently
Pray without ceasing

Our Promise:
To hold all matters of prayer confidential! No discussion or divulgence with anyone out-side of prayer & intercessors teams.
Visitation Ministry
Ministry Purpose:
Visitation Ministry is an outreach "People" ministry. "People" meaning anybody that the Lord directs us to minitser or disciple through phone calls, personal visits or prayer. We not only visit the first-time guest to our church, but we also visit the sick, the shut-in, the backslider, the elderly, and the needy. We humbly go as an extension of God's hands as we visit, witness, disciple, pray and listen to the people's needs.
MInistry Function:
  We gather every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. & pray for those on the Visitation List. The list is e-mailed to us from the church office on Mondays. Then teams are sent out in two's to visit and pray with newcomers on Tuesday evenings.

How to Join:
God has left us in the world to witness to the world. Let God challenge your heart to bless others, and you will be blessed in return. If you feel that this ministry might be your calling, contact us by e-mail, call the church office.